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AJDI - American Journal of Diagnostic Imaging
EJDR - European Journal of Dental Research
EJMID - European Journal of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
EJSRR - European Journal of Scientific Research and Reviews
JBRR - Journal of Biological Research and Reviews
JCRR - Journal of Cancer Research and Reviews
JCSI - Journal of Computer Sciences and Informatics
JEMD - Journal of Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders
JERR - Journal of Engineering Research and Reviews
JELM - Journal of Experimental and Laboratory Medicine
JMRR - Journal of Medical Research and Reviews
JPPR - Journal of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Research
JPHCM - Journal of Public Health and Community Medicine
JRAFS - Journal of Research in Agriculture and Food Sciences
JRCM - Journal of Research in Complementary Medicine
JRVS - Journal of Research in Veterinary Sciences
JSRR - Journal of Surgical Research and Reviews

About Scopub

Scopub, a forerunner in scholarly, open access publishing, has assisted academic communities since 2012. Scopub, with its current headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, aims to promote open scientific exchange in all its forms and across all fields.

Our peer-reviewed journals journals, are supported by thousands of academic experts who share our mission, values, and commitment to providing high-quality service for our authors. We serve scholars from around the world to ensure the latest research is freely available and all content is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY).

At Scopub, we aim to continuously expand coverage of our publications within the popular contemporary academic databases:

In addition to the popular academic databases, we also focus on ensuring coverage of our journals within as many scope-specific databases as possible, in order to increase visibility for our authors, and further disseminate their impactful data. Moreover, we also work with various local organizations, to ensure that our journals are listed within country-specific journal ranking lists that are often required by funders or institutions for authors to publish with a journal.

All Content is Open Access and Free for Readers

Journals published by Scopub are fully open access: research articles, reviews or any other content on this platform is available to everyone free of charge. To be able to provide open access journals, we finance publication through article processing charges (APC); these are usually covered by the authors' institutes or research funding bodies.

Scopub Publication Ethics Statement

Scopub takes the responsibility to enforce a rigorous peer-review together with strict ethical policies and standards to ensure to add high quality scientific works to the field of scholarly publication. Unfortunately, cases of plagiarism, data falsification, inappropriate authorship credit, and the like, do arise. Scopub takes such publishing ethics issues very seriously and our editors are trained to proceed in such cases with a zero tolerance policy. To verify the originality of content submitted to our journals, we use iThenticate to check submissions against previous publications.

Sustainability has always been at the core of Scopub’s values.

Mission and Values

As a company of academic open access publishing, Scopub has been serving the scientific community since 2012. Our aim is to foster scientific exchange in all forms, across all disciplines. Scopub's guidelines for disseminating open science are based on the following values and guiding principles:

Open Access: All of our content is published in open access and distributed under a Creative Commons License, providing free access to science and the latest research, allowing articles to be freely shared and content to be re-used with proper attribution.

Fast Process: Publishing the latest research through editorial work, ensuring a first decision is provided to authors in under 25 days and papers are published within 10-15 days upon acceptance.

Flexibility: Adapting and developing new tools and services to meet the changing needs of the research community, driven by feedback from authors, editors, and readers.

Simplicity: Offering user-friendly tools and services in one place to enhance the efficiency of our editorial process.

Qualified Services: Supporting scholars and their work by providing a range of options such as journal publication at scopub.com, indexing at biblliomed.org to make a positive impact on research.

Sustainability: Ensuring long-term preservation of published papers and supporting the future of science through partnerships, sponsorships, and awards.

By adhering to these values and principles, Scopub remains committed to advancing scientific knowledge and promoting open science practices.

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If you want to take a role in our Editorial Boards of any journal, send your CV to info@wisdomgale.com. This might be an important step in your academic career.

Most Accessed Articles

Research Article

Physicochemical properties and Lipid profile of Jyotishmati (Celastrus Paniculatus)

by Roopa R, Mruthunjaya Kenganora

Journal of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Research. 2023; 1 (1): 1-8

Review Article

Innovative Approaches in Continuing Medical Education: Revolutionizing the Path to Excellence

by Iman Ridda, Shafquat Rafiq, Harunor Rashid, Parvaiz A Koul,

Journal of Public Health and Community Medicine. 2024; 1 (2): 1-10

Research Article

Evaluation of the Awareness of Bovine Tuberculosis, Brucellosis and its Associated Factors in Lay Gayint District, Ethiopia

by Balemual Abebaw Adimasie, Sisay Assefie Atalel,

Journal of Public Health and Community Medicine. 2024; 1 (3): 93-102

Review Article

AI-Based Discovery of a New Class of Antibiotics: Implications, Challenges, and Opportunities for Combating Antibiotic Resistance

by Mostafa Eissa,

Journal of Medical Research and Reviews. 2024; 2 (3): 91-104

Review Article

Beyond the Rocket: A Review of Propellantless Propulsion Technologies and Concepts

by Mostafa Essam Eissa

Journal of Engineering Research and Reviews. 2024; 1 (1): 1-14

Research Article

Statistical Process Control and Capability Six-pack for Conductivity Measurement in Medicinal Chemical Industry

by Mostafa Eissa

Journal of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Research. 2024; 1 (1): 9-14