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AJDI - American Journal of Diagnostic Imaging
EJDR - European Journal of Dental Research
EJMID - European Journal of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
EJSRR - European Journal of Scientific Research and Reviews
JBRR - Journal of Biological Research and Reviews
JCRR - Journal of Cancer Research and Reviews
JCSI - Journal of Computer Sciences and Informatics
JERR - Journal of Engineering Research and Reviews
JELM - Journal of Experimental and Laboratory Medicine
JMRR - Journal of Medical Research and Reviews
JPPR - Journal of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Research
JPHCM - Journal of Public Health and Community Medicine
JRAFS - Journal of Research in Agriculture and Food Sciences
JRCM - Journal of Research in Complementary Medicine
JRVS - Journal of Research in Veterinary Sciences
JSRR - Journal of Surgical Research and Reviews
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Open AccessSystematic Review

Climate Change and its Impact on Animal Health: Adapting and Mitigating the Risks

by Mostafa Eissa

European Journal of Scientific Research and Reviews. 2024; 1 (1): 20-42 - https://dx.doi.org/10.5455/EJSRR.20240417024244

ABSTRACT: Climate change is a critical global issue affecting animal health, with rising temperatures and erratic weather patterns posing new challenges. Animals play a vital role in maintaining ecosystem balance and biodiversity, and their health can be affected by climate change-induced disruptions. Strategies to mitigate these risks include sustainable agricultural practices, research for vaccines and treatments, and implementing proactive measures. Climate change can increase the risk of disease transmission, invasive species, and disrupt ecosystems, leading to decreased reproductive success and population dynamics. Preventative measures include surveillance, vaccination programs, and habitat management. [...]   Read more

Open AccessReview Article

Block Cipher Algorithms for Data Security in Cloud: A Review

by Ragini Kumari,

European Journal of Scientific Research and Reviews. 2024; 1 (1): 10-19 - https://dx.doi.org/10.5455/EJSRR.20240416030952

ABSTRACT: Cloud computing simplifies access to data in a virtualized setting through the internet ubiquitously and users only pay for what they use. If the data is not sufficiently safeguarded from threats like data breaches, side-channel attacks, data loss transit, etc., unauthorized users can access the data stored in the cloud. Encryption methods have been used to protect the information. Currently, the Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm is preferred over the Data Encryption Standard algorithm. This paper conducts a thorough examination of research related to topics like data security threats in the [...]   Read more

Open AccessResearch Article

Comparative Haematological Responses in Rumenotomy: Impact of Diazepam and Xylazine Pre-medication in West African Dwarf Goats Undergoing Propofol Anaesthesia

by Terfa Ornande Nev, Ochuko Orakpoghenor, Umayange Aondowase, Ashever Jocelyn Terfa,

Journal of Research in Veterinary Sciences. 2024; 2 (4): 152-158 - https://dx.doi.org/10.5455/JRVS.20240329022137

ABSTRACT: Aim:In small ruminant surgery, an understanding of the haematological responses to different anesthetic protocols is crucial for optimizing post-operative outcomes. In this study, the haematological responses of West African Dwarf (WAD) goats undergoing rumenotomy under different anaesthetic protocols were investigated. Methods:Goats were categorized into three groups: Group A received Diazepam pre-medication and Propofol anesthesia, Group B received xylazine pre-medication and Propofol anesthesia, while Group C served as a control with only Propofol anesthesia during rumenotomy. Blood samples were collected at various time points post-rumenotomy for hematological analyses. Results: Results revealed [...]   Read more

Open AccessResearch Article

Evaluation of candidate monovalent Bitis arietans antivenom using eggs from hyperimmunized layer chickens in Zaria Kaduna State, Nigeria

by Joshua Seyi Oyetunde, Mohammed Mamman, Jibril Adamu, Peter Ofemile Yusuf, Kelvin Olutimilehin Jolayemi, Collins Chimezie Udechukwu, Magdalene Ogbonneya Okoronkwo, Olayinka Asala, Olushola Olaolu, Abubakar Ogbonneya Usman,

Journal of Research in Veterinary Sciences. 2024; 2 (4): 144-151 - https://dx.doi.org/10.5455/JRVS.20240421033924

ABSTRACT: Aim: This research sought to experiment on a cheaper alternative to snake antivenom production using hyperimmunized chicken eggs. Methods: Twenty-two Swiss albino mice were used to determine the median lethal dose (LD50) and lethality neutralization assay. Twenty-layer chickens, aged 17-weeks-old were divided into two groups of 10 chickens each. Based on body weight, group A were hyperimmunized with 1/5th LD50 of crude Bitis arietans venom in adjuvant (Montanide™ ISA 201) at two-weeks interval over eight-weeks period; while group B were administered normal saline. Using polyethylene glycol 6000, immunoglobulin Y was extracted [...]   Read more

Open AccessResearch Article

Preparation and evaluation of Oral Thin Film of Eugenol for tooth decay

by Ragini Sharma, Zeal Naik, Pooja Birmole, Parixit Prajapati,

Journal of Biological Research and Reviews. 2024; 1 (2): 57-61 - https://dx.doi.org/10.5455/JBRR.20240406084201

ABSTRACT: Background: Fast dissolving oral thin films (FDTFs) offer a promising delivery platform for drugs with poor aqueous solubility and bioavailability. Eugenol, a natural compound with diverse pharmacological properties, faces challenges in oral delivery due to its low aqueous solubility and high volatility. Objective: This study aimed to develop a fast dissolving oral thin film formulation of eugenol to enhance its bioavailability and facilitate convenient administration. Methods: The FDTFs were prepared using a solvent casting method with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) and polyethylene glycol (PEG) as film-forming agents. The formulations were optimized based on [...]   Read more

Open AccessResearch Article

DNA-Based Authentication of Some Selected Hyper-Accumulator Species of Marigold Using Plastid Specific DNA Marker rbcL and matK

by Pradip Vitthal Hirapure, Arti S Shanware

Journal of Biological Research and Reviews. 2024; 1 (2): 62-69 - https://dx.doi.org/10.5455/JBRR.20240408052705

ABSTRACT: Aim and Background: The marigold plant species is renowned for its therapeutic properties and diverse health benefits. Recently, researchers have explored the potential of utilizing marigold plants as hyperaccumulators to extract heavy metals from polluted soil and water. However, ensuring accurate species identification is essential for this purpose. This study focuses on evaluating the efficacy of rbcL and matK markers for DNA barcoding and species identification in marigold plants. Methods: Plant material from Tagetes erecta, Tagetes patula, and Calendula officinalis was collected, and DNA extraction was performed using a modified CTAB [...]   Read more

Open AccessOriginal Article

Knowledge and Perceptions on COVID-19 among Health and Non-health-related sectors Students of Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, Senegal

by Malik Orou Seko, Walter Ossebi, Wilfried Délé Oyetola, Abdou Adiouma Faye

Journal of Public Health and Community Medicine. 2024; 1 (2): 80-92 - https://dx.doi.org/10.5455/JPHCM.20240304083626

ABSTRACT: Background and Aim: Since it was declared as pandemic by the World Health Organisation, COVID-19 has fastly spread throughout the world, making it a major public health challenge. Like most countries around the world, Senegal has not been on the fringes to this pandemic, which has undermined even the most robust healthcare systems. The aim of this study was to analyse the knowledge and perceptions on COVID-19 among students enrolled in health-related and non-health-related disciplines. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted online via Google Forms among 600 students [...]   Read more

Open AccessReview Article

Herbal Nanomedicines: A green augmented approach for synthesis of nanoparticles and recent applications

by Ayushi Chauhan, Prasidhi Kambli, Parixit Prajapati,

Journal of Biological Research and Reviews. 2024; 1 (1): 36-56 - https://dx.doi.org/10.5455/JBRR.20240405031907

ABSTRACT: The scope of the nanotechnologies in the medicine expands, the critical role and advance contributions relevant to the public health at the time. Nanomedicines has been studied for a wide potential use of the targeted delivery of the drugs to overcome the wide range of the disease. The future of developing nanotherapeutics on the research findings for the profitable technologies of the nanomedicines. The current review covers the synthesis, properties, types, applications, and patents for conventionally prepared nanoparticles (NPs) in greater depth. NPs are small particles with a size range [...]   Read more

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Most Accessed Articles

Research Article

Statistical Process Control and Capability Six-pack for Conductivity Measurement in Medicinal Chemical Industry

by Mostafa Eissa

Journal of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Research. 2024; 1 (1): 9-14

Research Article

Alternatives to Remdesivir: Drug repurposing for inhibition of SARS-CoV2 RNA dependent RNA polymerase

by Kumar Sharp,

Journal of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Research. 2024; 1 (1): 32-43

Research Article

Streamlined Synthesis of Clopidogrel Utilizing Magnetically Recyclable Fe3O4 Nanoparticles through the Strecker Reaction

by Siva Prasad Aviraboina, Harshita Gaddipati

Journal of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Research. 2024; 1 (1): 15-20

Research Article

Social Stigma and Psychological Burden among Caregivers of Children with Cerebral Palsy

by Noora Farhan Hassan

Journal of Medical Research and Reviews. 2023; 1 (1): 1-6

Review Article

An Exploration of The Potential of Natural Super Disintegrating Agents in Pharmaceutical Formulations: A Review

by Suvendu Kumar Sahoo, Samyuktha Metta

Journal of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Research. 2024; 1 (1): 21-31

Research Article

Physicochemical properties and Lipid profile of Jyotishmati (Celastrus Paniculatus)

by Roopa R, Mruthunjaya Kenganora

Journal of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Research. 2023; 1 (1): 1-8